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Company names

Company Names

The Company Name section of the ONECheck result snapshot gives a quick visual summary of whether your intended name is available. 

A green tick means you may proceed to reserve your proposed name since it is not identical to any other registered or reserved company name.  Click Reserve name to go to the Companies Office website to do this.  Alternatively you may prefer to check out the Tell me more option first to see if there are similar company names already registered or reserved.  

A red cross means your proposed company name is not available because there is already another company with an identical or almost identical name or because you have used a restricted word.  Click Tell me more to find out the reason and view the list of similar registered companies.

An orange ‘?’ means your company name may not be available because it contains a word or phrase that is protected.  You may proceed with your name reservation but you will be asked to provide documentation to support your request. Use Tell me more to find out which words are protected and view the list of similar registered companies.  



Last updated 2 November 2012