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Trade Mark Available

<Trade Mark> may be available as a trade mark


This search result is only indicative because trade marks are restricted to the goods and/or services specified by the owner, which may be sufficiently different to yours to avoid conflict. For example, a trade mark covering “clothing” is unlikely to stop you using a similar mark for different goods such as “electric kitchen appliances”.

Before you finalise your company name or domain name you may want to request a search and preliminary advice (S&PA) report from the Intellectual Property Office (IPONZ). It only costs NZ$80 exclusive of GST and will provide you a more detailed assessment of whether there are existing registered or pending trade marks that are too similar to your proposed business name, and whether it meets the criteria for trade mark registration.

The list below shows similar trade marks to your search, and the goods and/or services they are registered under. Think about the future of your business.


Last updated 19 September 2013