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Using ONECheck

Using ONECheck

If you are considering a new business, you might have ideas for your business names i.e. your trading name, company name, domain name, or trade mark.  These business names are an essential part of the intellectual property for your business so it’s important to check if your preferred choice is already in use or contains banned words or phrases.  

ONECheck shows the availability of your intended business names.  It combines 3 searches to determine if your proposed business name can be registered as a company name, domain name or a trade mark.  

Using ONECheck is easy. Simply enter your business name and click Search. If you’re thinking of your company name, there is no need to add ‘Limited’ at the end of your search name, or if you’re thinking of your domain name, there is no need to add ‘’ or ‘.com’ at the end.  The search automatically assumes these and searches the appropriate registers and databases.

You will get a snapshot result which allows you to drill down for more details or kick off the processes to reserve your company name or register your domain name or get started with your trade mark.

If you have more than 1 idea for your business names, use this search to check the availability of each of your ideas.  There is no limit to how many times you can use it – and it’s free!


Company names

Company Names

The Company Name section of the ONECheck result snapshot gives a quick visual summary of whether your intended name is available. 

A green tick means you may proceed to reserve your proposed name since it is not identical to any other registered or reserved company name.  Click Reserve name to go to the Companies Office website to do this.  Alternatively you may prefer to check out the Tell me more option first to see if there are similar company names already registered or reserved.  

A red cross means your proposed company name is not available because there is already another company with an identical or almost identical name or because you have used a restricted word.  Click Tell me more to find out the reason and view the list of similar registered companies.

An orange ‘?’ means your company name may not be available because it contains a word or phrase that is protected.  You may proceed with your name reservation but you will be asked to provide documentation to support your request. Use Tell me more to find out which words are protected and view the list of similar registered companies.  



Domain names

Domain Names 

The Domain Name section of the ONECheck result snapshot tells you at a glance whether the and .com versions of your proposed name are available (green tick) or already taken (red cross) by another party. 

If you click Register name in the Domain Name panel, a randomised list of 10 domain name registrars will be shown. This list is sourced from the list of authorised registrars published on the Domain Names Commission site (opens a new window). Click on the registrar of your choice to go to the registrar’s site to start registering your domain.  However, if you click Tell me more first, you can check out whether your proposed domain name is available across other domain extensions.

Trade marks

Trade Marks 

The Trade Mark section of the ONECheck result snapshot gives a quick visual summary of whether your intended trade mark is available. 

A green tick means your trade mark may be available. Click Tell me more to find out why you should confirm this with a Search & Preliminary Advice report and then simply click Get Started to go ahead and request this report.


RealMe logon

RealMe logon

You will need an igovt logon to reserve your company name or request a trade mark search and preliminary advice report. Setting up your igovt logon is quick and simple. If you already have an igovt logon, you can reuse it for these services. 

igovt is a logon service that 

  • lets you use the same logon to access government online services
  • helps you verify your identity to government services providers securely via the Internet
  • saves you having to remember multiple logon details 
  • puts you in control of your information

Government services providers can offer you more personalised online services because they have confidence in your identity.


Who can I contact for help?

Who can I contact for help? 

For all enquiries about using ONECheck, please contact us on 0800 42 49 46.