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Suggested timeframe: 1-2 Hours


Help students understand the concept of entrepreneurship and its relation to business.

Being able to spot a good idea and having the practical ability to turn it into a business is a distinct skill that is honed over time.


Hand out the interview template from the Entrepreneurs student worksheet. Ask students to find a local entrepreneur and interview them for class.


Activity 1. Understanding the concepts

Begin by asking students to write down their definitions for the concepts ‘Entrepreneur’, ‘Enterprise’ and ‘Innovation’. After they have shared their ideas in a group, distribute the Entrepreneurs topic handout to discuss and clarify the concepts.

Activity 2. Entrepreneurial activity

Ask students to list successful entrepreneurs they know – from well-known examples to local business people – and ask them why they think these examples are successful and what characteristics they share. Using the Activity 2 list from the Entrepreneurs Student Worksheet, ask students to identify their own entrepreneurial skills.

Activity 3 (Optional).  Interview results

Ask students to share the answers from their interviews with the rest of the class and discuss any similar themes that arise.

Conclusion - Clarifying understanding

Ask the class if their definition of an Entrepreneur has changed and, if so, how. Ask students if any of them think they would make successful entrepreneurs and, if so, why.

To end on a light note, they can try the quiz in the Entrepreneurs student worksheet to find out.

Last updated 11 November 2016