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Health and Safety

Suggested timeframe: 1-2 hours


For students to become familiar with health and safety requirements in relation to running a business.

Being health and safety conscious builds a positive work culture, allows a business to meet specific compliance obligations, and protects the firm’s reputation in the community.


Activity 1. Quiz

Have students study the topic handout individually before forming into groups of four for the quiz (answers over page). Each team only has a few moments to discuss the question and give an answer. One point should be awarded for each correct answer.

For a more in depth learning game, divide the topic into four subjects (such as mergers, take overs, growth direction and external growth advantages). After the students have studied the topic handout and formed groups, ask them to assign a number, from 1 to 4, to each team player. That player is now the 'expert' on the subject their number was assigned to, and only they can answer questions on that subject. This quiz is based on a resource from Co-operative Learning by Spencer Kagan.

Activity 2. Health and Safety in the Workplace

Students use the Health and Safety notes to complete the scenarios in the worksheet provided. Suggested answers could be:

  • "Move the desk so it is positioned differently, give a different task to employee away from the desk at that time of day, install curtains or blinds."
  • "Ensure document holder is at the same level and distance as the screen, make sure it is stable and adjustable, arrange for employee eye checks."
  • "Refer to the notes on 'Positioning of Operator'."
  • "Ensure employees have a variety of tasks during the day and spend only an allocated amount of time on the computer."
Last updated 11 November 2016