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Suggested timeframe: 1-2 Hours


Assist students in becoming more familiar with the concept of marketing – the process of getting your goods and services noticed by your target market.


Activity 1. Quiz

Have students study the topic handout individually before forming into groups of four for the quiz (answers over page). Each team only has a few moments to discuss the question and give an answer. Give a point for each correct answer.

For a more intense learning game, divide the topic into four subjects (such as marketing mix, market segmentation, place and promotion). After the students have studied the topic handout and formed groups, ask them to assign a number, from 1 to 4, to each team player. Each player is now the ‘expert’ on the subject you assigned their number to, and only they can answer questions on that subject 

Activity 2. Segment, Price, Placement, Promotion

Ask students to fill in the table in the worksheet outlining the segment, price, placement and promotion for each of the products listed.

Activity 3. Presentation of a business Idea

Using the handout provided, ask students to form into groups and put together a presentation for a business idea that would be used to attract finance (e.g., in a presentation to a bank manager or potential investor). The presentations will specifically cover the following marketing issues: Product details, Product branding, Pricing strategy, Placement decisions, Promotion decisions.

They must also specify the target market and if time allows, develop an advertisement for the product. This exercise can also be carried out with each group working on the same type of product, such as a pencil. Afterwards, the class can discuss which presentation was most effective – and which advertisement was strongest – and why.

Last updated 11 November 2016