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Target Marketing

Suggested Timeframe: 1–2 hours


To help students understand the concept of target marketing – the process of targeting people that are most likely to be receptive to your products or services.


Activity 1 Understanding the concept

Read through the Target Marketing topic hand out with class before asking students to match the products and services listed in Activity 1 of the student worksheet with appropriate market segments. Students can research the products online, but must describe in writing the target customers for each offering, including any behavioural traits.

Students can present their answers individually or in groups for class discussion. There are no right or wrong answers, but if students struggle to identify a target market brainstorm with the class the kind of characteristics a realistic target market would have for the product.

Activity 2 Putting theory into practice

Have students read the hypothetical product and target market description in Activity 2 of the Target Market student worksheet and write down an appropriate marketing plan for the product. Answers should address the 4 Ps – Product, Price, Place and Promotion (for more detail see Marketing topic hand out). Answers can be individually marked or presented to class.

Last updated 11 November 2016